TITAN FACTORY... Building machine

Developed in Japan 40 years ago, the TITAN construction process enables residential, industrial and commercial buildings to be built 3 times faster and 40% cheaper than traditionnal processes

This process, which was previously carried out by industrial equipment, makes it possible to dry-build earthquake-resistant, paracyclonic, fire proof structures from ground level to 5 floors.

ln conformity construction legislation (EUROCODES, DTU32.3, BBC. RT), suitable with any architectural styles.

We created TITAN FACTORY as a building printer that automatically manufactures the steel profiles as spare part of any building projet, from the 3D-model made from BIM

Build different with titan factory !

Easy to set up

Quicker to build

Costs saving

  • How to build with Titan Factory ?

  • How to build with Titan Factory ?

    Project Idea

    2D drawings of the project

    Thanks to BIM we digitize the project into a comprehensive 30-model.

    Modelization 3D

    Structure Modeling

    TITAN FACTORY is remotely monitored by our engineering,
    and construction professionals to manufacture the spare
    parts of the building, by punching, notching and swadging
    the steel coil according to the 30-model.

    Steel coil

    Production of the structure

    Structure produced

    Panel assembly

    Single spare parts corne to assembled panels.

    Panels are connected together directly on the construction site,
    until final project erection off the ground.
    Lastly, composite or tradditionnal materials are used
    for the cladding of the structure .

How it's works !

House plan

Starting point of any construction, your plan or your ideas define the outline of your project. They become the starting point for the realization of the digital model.

Digital model

The digital model brings the project to life in 3D. It is thus possible to imagine the project in true and appreciate the volumes of the building to be built.

More informations

Modeled structure

Our software allows to interpret the digital model and complete it by realizing the modeled structure of the building considered..

Assembling the profiles

The profiles, are then assembled without welding, to create the panels of walls, ceilings, trusses of roof, supports of floors. This work is done directly in the factory or on site.

Assembly of the structure

The assembly of the structure of a house of 100m2 requires about 3 working days of 3 workers.The structure, faithful to the digital model is ready to be dressed according to the customer's wishes.

House completed

6 to 8 weeks are enough to finalize a house with TITAN FACTORY. It will have cost 30 to 40% less expensive than the traditional for the same appearance.


TITAN FACTORY Pocket building machine


what is BIM

Building Information Modeling

BIM is an intelligent 30 model-based process that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

BIM software spans ail disciplines to help civil engineering teams plan, design, model, build, and manage infrastructure projects.

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